How to get your kids involved in Giving

Hey friends!  I can’t believe summer is almost over.  Our kids start school in exactly two weeks.  It’s bittersweet because I will be able to get back to working more effectively but I’ll miss having them at home.  When I first started RoRo’s Cookies, it was really a personal need I had for myself.  It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it allowed my children to play a big part in the “giving back”!  I wont make this long because as parents we have enough of what society wants us to do to be great parents.  So, I’ll just give you 3 ways that my kids were able to be involved.

  1. Encourage but Do not Pressure!  Allow your child to use their God given gifts and each child is different.  George wanted to tape and package and carry around my business card.  Giselle on the other hand wanted to decorate the leftover cookies and take photos.  When they didn’t want to help, I didn’t push it.  They saw me working late hours….like 4 am late some nights!  So, although I wasn’t preaching to them, they were absorbing what they saw.
  2. Take them with you!  Kids have amazing absorbent minds. I have taken them to all the local charities, especially when I was presenting the donation.  The kids were so curious about what the people were doing.  I still remember at Make a Wish Idaho when they went through the process of what the actual kids went through. (I did prepare them that they wouldn’t get the wish) but they would get an idea of what it felt like.  Or when we went to Create Common Good and we had lunch with all the volunteers.  They had so many questions after that!
  3. Ask Them!  Lastly, ask them what they would like to do. You would be surprised! Giselle wanted to bake cookies and give them to the local police department. George is more shy and reserved at first, so a lot of his doing was sharing one on one with his friends or teachers about how I gave all my money to charity.

I know your saying well its easy for you, your baking cookies and donating.  What I would say is find what you feel comfortable with and start there.  Whether its writing a card and giving it to an elderly neighbor, or calling a local charity you feel a connection to or paying it forward to the person in the drive thru behind you.  There is no exact science and there is no perfect timing.  I would say just do something and I swear the answers will come!  If you need anything please contact me and I’d love to brainstorm some more with you!

Comment below on your thoughts about all this!

Lots of Love!


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